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Stress Relief for Summer

Stress, Summer, relaxation techniques, fight or flight, stress management,

This workshop will guide participants in relaxation techniques that balance the fight or flight and stress hormone system. They will learn tools to reroute their body so they can heal, rebalance and stress less.

July 20, 2019

10 am

$20/per person

RSVP Nicole Waters (702)703-6008 to hold spot and receive location.

RSVP to Nicole Waters, (702)703-6008, to hold your spot and receive location.


Goddess Circles -- Connecting Women through Wellness


These monthly events will allow women to connect with one another using mind, body, spirit practices that focus on wellness and optimal health.

*July 27th- Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

Women Only Event

3-5 pm

$20 per person per event

All women are invited to bring a dish to share as we will be eating after.  

RSVP Nicole Waters (702)703-6008 to hold your space and receive location.


Stress Relief for Kids

Stress, kids, relaxation, school begins,

Children need help managing stress and learning how to stay focused and calm themselves. If you’ve noticed increased anxiety, focus decrease or just a general lack of being aware and present within themselves your kids will enjoy this event where they can recharge and learn calming techniques that help them with any experience that comes their way. 

August 3, 2019

10 am

$20 per child

RSVP to Nicole Waters, 702-703-6008 to hold your spot and get office location.



butterfly, transformation, peace, healing, health, wellness, integration, holistic, wellness

Integrated Wellness

Integrating Wellness involves using both Eastern and Western medicine to create change and healing within the whole person.  This is done by utilizing self healing techniques to create a mind- body -spirit connection where pathways that are blocked open and the body reroutes disease into health.  Whether you are looking for interventions for stress, anxiety, diabetes, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, women’s issues or more, working with a wellness specialist can benefit you.

Are you interested in taking the next step to improve your health?  

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